Tutorial: Custom widgets

Custom widgets

Since version 1.53.0 it is possible to add your own widgets without forking Enketo Express by following the steps below.

1. Create your widget in its own repo

See this guidance for creating Enketo widgets. The simplest widget has just 1 file, either: a [NAME].js or [NAME].scss file. If it has both (a common situation), make sure they have the same filename.

An example of a custom KoBoToolbox widget is here.

2. Install your widget

After installing Enketo Express, install your custom widget "manually". A convenient way may be to use npm with a github url, e.g.

npm install https://github.com/kobotoolbox/enketo-image-customization-widget.git

Another way would be to publish your widget on npm.

Note that the regular npm update production will not update these manually installed widgets!

3. Add the widget to the Enketo Express installation

In your config.json "widgets" configuration add your widget using the relative (to the public/js/build folder) path, e.g.

    "widgets": [

Use the filename without its extension in the path.